Backbone Models & Collections to GraphQL

1stdibs migration from Backbone Models and Collections to GraphQL

Be mindful of React and re-rendering

Want to know how to cause a massive amount of JavaScript errors in Internet Explorer?

Some Words Regarding Client-side Testing And Code Quality

Testing and code quality is, perhaps, not the most exciting topic to address when writing about JavaScript and client-side programming, but, it’s important. Whether you’re working in a large team, or by yourself, if you don’t test and write maintainable code, you will ship bugs.

Recovering from an unwanted force-push to GitHub

Oops! Did you accidentally force push the wrong commit to a branch on github? Even worse, do none of your coworkers have the old (correct) commit on their machine because that commit was created by github when merging a pull request? Well, you are outta luck as far as the github UI goes; there’s no way that I can find to force reset a branch to a specific commit. Calm down, there is hope. Here is what you have to do:

From Apache/PHP to Node.js & Express

If you're part of an engineering team that is currently using PHP and thinking of moving to Node.js, this post is for you. We won't go into the nitty-gritty of porting PHP to Node.js and there will be no basics of Node.js. We will cover our decision-making; a description of where we started; higher-level considerations on writing a Node.js server; and, finally, our deployment strategy.