Video: web architecture & streaming GraphQL

In this video, Rob Richard (Senior Director, Front-end Engineering) discusses the @defer directive in GraphQL (starts at 36:20) and Tim Whidden (VP, Engineering) discuss 1stdibs’s front-end architecture and how to mock it in development. The talk took place in Vilnius, Lithuania on March 14th, 2019. Find links to the slides below: 1stdibs’s Front-End Architecture Streaming… post continues

Rendering Relay on the server

NOTE: as of Relay v3.0.0 the server-side rendering performance de-optimization described below has been removed.   If you’re using Relay and server-side rendering React components, you must optimize Relay for server-side rendering, or suffer a substantial performance cost. TL;DR You’ll need to configure babel-preset-fbjs to hoist its require calls — but only on the server. We’ll get into… post continues

Modeling form state in React

In this blog post we’ll describe a method for modeling forms in React. What follows is a general method for shaping form state data. It can be used with any state management tool such as Redux, MobX, another flux implementation, or even just this.setState. We’ll be using this.setState in this post. First, let’s start with… post continues