Video: web architecture & streaming GraphQL

In this video, Rob Richard (Senior Director, Front-end Engineering) discusses the @defer directive in GraphQL (starts at 36:20) and Tim Whidden (VP, Engineering) discuss 1stdibs’s front-end architecture and how to mock it in development. The talk took place in Vilnius, Lithuania on March 14th, 2019. Find links to the slides below: 1stdibs’s Front-End Architecture Streaming… post continues

Rendering Relay on the server

NOTE: as of Relay v3.0.0 the server-side rendering performance de-optimization described below has been removed.   If you’re using Relay and server-side rendering React components, you must optimize Relay for server-side rendering, or suffer a substantial performance cost. TL;DR You’ll need to configure babel-preset-fbjs to hoist its require calls — but only on the server. We’ll get into… post continues

Some Words Regarding Client-side Testing And Code Quality

Testing and code quality is, perhaps, not the most exciting topic to address when writing about JavaScript and client-side programming, but, it’s important. Whether you’re working in a large team, or by yourself, if you don’t test and write maintainable code, you will ship bugs. All good programmers strive to write high-quality and bug-free code.… post continues

From Apache/PHP to Node.js & Express

If you’re part of an engineering team that is currently using PHP and thinking of moving to Node.js, this post is for you. We won’t go into the nitty-gritty of porting PHP to Node.js and there will be no basics of Node.js. We will cover our decision-making; a description of where we started; higher-level considerations… post continues