Rendering Relay on the server

NOTE: as of Relay v3.0.0 the server-side rendering performance de-optimization described below has been removed.   If you’re using Relay and server-side rendering React components, you must optimize Relay for server-side rendering, or suffer a substantial performance cost. TL;DR You’ll need to configure babel-preset-fbjs to hoist its require calls — but only on the server. We’ll get into… post continues

Rendering Emails with Isomorphic Relay

My name’s Aaron Horton, I’m a front-end engineer at 1stdibs and I’m really excited about emails! If this sounds like a contradiction to you, you’re not wrong; developing email templates is, generally, not the most thrilling task for a front-end engineer. Email clients aren’t up-to-date with the newest rendering engines so CSS support is relegated… post continues