Simple URL Routing for Redux

React Router is a very popular library for handling URL routing in react applications. There has been a lot of controversy recently following the announcement of version 4. For some of our apps at, we’ve been following a much different approach to URL routing. In a Redux application, the store is the single source… post continues

Backbone Models & Collections to GraphQL

The front-end engineering team at 1stdibs used Backbone extensively starting in 2012 through 2015. When React began to rise in popularity we saw the benefits of React Components over Backbone views. Pretty soon we were using React exclusively for new code, and rewriting old Backbone views in React as needed. A year later, many parts… post continues

Be mindful of React and re-rendering

At 1stdibs, we’ve been migrating our Backbone-heavy front-end to React for several months. Different parts of our platform are being ported at different times, this leads to some teams being newer to React than others. Largely, we’ve been happy with how React has been performing on our high-traffic production site. Then, a doozy of a… post continues

Some Words Regarding Client-side Testing And Code Quality

Testing and code quality is, perhaps, not the most exciting topic to address when writing about JavaScript and client-side programming, but, it’s important. Whether you’re working in a large team, or by yourself, if you don’t test and write maintainable code, you will ship bugs. All good programmers strive to write high-quality and bug-free code.… post continues